Digital history projects are a great way to further your education and growth. Many of these projects are designed to be interactive in order to hold the attention of the user. Simply put this means they are a fun way to learn. One such site was created by the Digital Scholarship Lab of the University […]

Subject: 11th Grade US History Time to Complete Lesson Plan: ~2 weeks Essential Question for the Unit: How did tensions lead to the Civil War? Learning Objectives: I will answer Document Based Questions to write a DBQ essay. I will explain how political, social, and/or economic differences between the North and South contributed to the […]

Thomas Fangmann Sometimes I am very disappointed by digital history projects. The interface looks cutting edge, the features are hyped up, and the project relates to an important topic. However, when I attempt to actually use the resource I am usually overwhelmed by the sheer immensity of data and the open-endedness of the application. I […]

American Society

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This is a miniature lesson plan using digital tools. I made the choice of using YouTube because not only is it public, it is easily accessible. When history involves the public and technology it has to be simple. Also, videos are always under a time limit and as teachers are also under the same limitations, […]

The digital archive “”  (The International Association for the Preservation of Spiritualist and Occult Periodicals) is an online resource that allows open access to a vast quantity of digitized newspapers, books, and journals written about Spiritualism and the occult.  The material they intend to preserve focuses on the period “between the Congress of Vienna (1814) […]

This lesson serves as an introduction to teaching students to accurately interpret and analyze historical footage. It draws on famous video footage that is easily accessible through YouTube and other video sharing sites. The purposes of using footage in the classroom are manifold: Firstly, students will gain a more accurate sense of history from seeing […]

Michael Savoca I have been working on my own digital history project for many years now, although I have a long way to go in perfecting what I hope it will become. I hope this is an appropriate venue to discuss a personal project that I hope will become much more. On September 4, 2009, […]

As discussed as an option during the first class of the semester, this will be a piece of a semester-long project in which a historical fiction piece will be written. The excerpt continues on from where the first left off. PROMPT WRITE A HISTORICAL FICTION THAT SOMEHOW: directly considers questions of what history is how […]

In the Holt Social Studies “United States History” textbook intended for use by 11th graders there is of course a chapter on World War II. Chapter 26, or the World War II chapter covers the years between 1938-1946 and is broken into 5 sections. Those sections are “The War Begins,” “The Home Front,” “War in […]

Educational Racism

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Sam Hurley History Engages the Public Dr. Katherine Antonova 28 November 2018 Educational Racism Texas… Well, one does not get further to the Mexican border as Texas. Even saying Texas one can only think the South. The South is known for BBQ’s, good weather in the summer along with heat waves. But historically it has […]

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