My obsession with history started in elementary school, but my obsession with visiting historical sites and places began with our seventh grade spring trip to Boston. I had been to Boston many times, having lived in Haverhill, a depressed former mill town an hour north of the city. I had never, however, wandered its streets […]

In this age of technological advent, it is inevitable that education spans across many platforms. Gone are the days of sitting in a classroom, listening to your teacher drone on about topics you just simply do not care about. Technology has said so long to bone dry textbooks with horrifyingly phrased sentences like “african’s immigrated […]

Saturday Night’s Alright (For Walking)

November 7, 2018 | Comments Off on Saturday Night’s Alright (For Walking)

“What have I done?” “Have I just doom myself to a lifetime of teaching children questionable, curriculum mandated American history?” “Why didn’t I just go for computer science like the rest of my friends?” “I love history, but what kind of idiot goes to school for something they love?”   21 years old and at […]

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