This lesson serves as an introduction to teaching students to accurately interpret and analyze historical footage. It draws on famous video footage that is easily accessible through YouTube and other video sharing sites. The purposes of using footage in the classroom are manifold: Firstly, students will gain a more accurate sense of history from seeing […]

Encounter is a picture book written by Jane Yolen and illustrated by David Shannon. It tells the story of the first meetings between a young Taino boy and European explorers (presumably Christopher Columbus and his crew). Written in eloquent, lyrical prose and accompanied by beautifully painted illustrations, the book is both poetic and poignant. The […]

Competing Views of History in Denmark

November 28, 2018 | Comments Off on Competing Views of History in Denmark

As Margaret Macmillan points out in her book Dangerous Game: The Uses and Abuses of History, events of a nation’s past are often interpreted and commemorated selectively by political groups in order to promote a particular agenda. This is particularly true when the historical event in question was particularly traumatic or divisive. Macmillan cites the […]

A Reluctant Visit to a Local Museum

November 6, 2018 | Comments Off on A Reluctant Visit to a Local Museum

Rock Hall Museum is a colonial mansion situated in the town of Lawrence in Nassau County, just over the border from Queens. The house was originally built in the 1760s by Isaiah Martin, a wealthy planter from the Caribbean who moved to Long Island to retire near the sea and escape the threat of slave […]

Review of HHhH by Ilanna

October 24, 2018 | Comments Off on Review of HHhH by Ilanna

Although Laurent Binet’s 2010 historical novel HHhH is just one of the scores of World War II-related books, it is one of the best—not only in its storytelling but in its sophistication. This is not only due to the author’s meticulous attention to historical accuracy (that at times even borders on the obsessive) but because […]

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