Consuelo and Alva: A Review

October 31, 2018 | Comments Off on Consuelo and Alva: A Review

If you were to either read a book or watch a TV show taking place in the late 1800s or early 1900s, chances are good that you’ll run into certain themes: Opulent mansions, great families and greater fortunes, and the glamor of a bygone era. If this rings a bell, it’s hardly surprising. We as […]

Spiritualism Explainer Thread

October 10, 2018 | Comments Off on Spiritualism Explainer Thread

Here is a Twitter thread created in hopes of illuminating some of the unknown pieces of the American Spiritualism Movement.  It was more than just a pastime for frauds and charlatans and involved the combination of scientific and religious discoveries and divergences. Twitter Moment: ThreadReaderApp Unrolled: Throughout the thread you will notice additions made to […]

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