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7 Leave a comment on paragraph 7 0 Politics have always been a blood sport since the foundation of the American public, the career and personal lives of politician’s serves as entertainment to the American society. Scandals of early American presidents dates from Thomas Jefferson and his affair with a biracial slave, Andrew Jackson and the Spoils System, John F. Kennedy, and Bill Clinton to list a few. With the addition of mass media political scandals are amplified. In the article “ Historians shouldn’t be Pundits” by Moshik Temkin, he criticizes a multitude of issues involving historians serving as pundits and the hardships in navigating controversial political figures such as President Donald Trump.

8 Leave a comment on paragraph 8 0 Temkin’s perspective of Trump’s presidency is largely negative. In the millennium, politics is accessible through many means of communication. Temkin’s argument contends that Trump’s presidency is overall complex, bizarre, and tumultuous. In essence, his presidency is a nuance to historians whose job is to engage in formal debates, create scholarly monographs, and explain the trend of change over time. Trump is in fact one of the most controversial United States presidents due to his straightforward rhetoric, excessive use of social media, and revolving administration. Scandals surrounding Trump’s presidency involves the Russian involvement in the 2016 Elections, DACA and immigration, and business like mentality when running the American country.

9 Leave a comment on paragraph 9 0 Based on Trump’s actions during his presidency, he is often compared to that of past controversial figures in history. The article then switches over to the issues regarding analogies of figures history, which has less to do with the title of the article and pundits. It is true that Trump’s presidency is drama-filled partially due to the rise of social media; however, he is not the first president in the United States who has distracted the public from politics, and more so held focus on the scandal of one’s personal life. For historians to make sense of today’s political climate is quite difficult. Technology has provided many with access to too much information. It is not recommended that historians become pundits to make sense of the change over time to a wide variety of individuals. Understanding the historical narrative is abstract and complex; the discipline requires an in-depth understanding. Using mass media has both its positive and negative outcomes.

10 Leave a comment on paragraph 10 0 Pundits are defined as individuals who are not necessarily a person or group that’s studied a given discipline. Pundits provide “enough” information that will suffice for a given purpose. Pundits can b found on daytime television shows or on nightly shows with hosts who display politics, society, and among other relevant topics on television and radio. Information has some facts and some aspects of it that serve as entertainment. For example, the issue of immigration with the moving migrates headed from Central America to the United States border during and after the November elections. The news featured images and press on the matter. While the immigrants come for various reasons, many migrants were condemned as violent rapists, and among other negative labels.

11 Leave a comment on paragraph 11 0 Yet, the images of the migrants displayed mostly families, traveling to seek protection and safety from gang violence in their respective countries. From MS-13 and other related gangs and government corruption. America is compromised of immigrants. America’s history with the treatment and struggles of immigrants in this country presents several perspectives of contention to the American public from the treatment of the Irish in the northeast, the Chinese Exclusion Act of 1888, and Japanese Internment Camps. In In today’s society it is no difficult. Issues with immigration in this country will continue to produce both positive and negative opinions. Also, historians should not trust pundits to speak on behalf of the field of historians if historians were to unanimously agree to not become a pundit.

12 Leave a comment on paragraph 12 0 Historians should stay away from mass media and its traps of becoming involved sensationalized news. Historians should instead use mass media to develop its own separate platform should they chose to become pundits, and be in control of their platforms. For example, in the United Kingdom, historians discuss British history with the use of its national broadcast BBC News. Comparably, the equivalent of BBC News in America features non-historians such as CNN political analysts, TV personality Trevor Noah, and Bill Maher. Also, the American equivalent shows combine Journalism and surface level historical knowledge. In the article by Wen “Two Sides of the Story,” Wen suggests that TV journalist or any media related field reduces their in-depth knowledge of topics, especially historical topics due to a lack of analysis of the discipline.

13 Leave a comment on paragraph 13 0 Wen advises historians to teach journalists the field to better quote them or provide the correct information. The news is a form of entertainment and will provide information from a historian that is news worthy. Moreover, in this article the author seems to somewhat agree with Temkin and the idea of historians heeding the use of mass media and the use of existing platforms. Some news sectors may be either conservative or liberal in their view of current events. Historians look through the lens of objectivity. With that being said, different news platforms will only gather and include information that will gain notoriety and be close to there given agendas. “Therefore, I do not advise historians to give interviews to reporters producing a minute and a half of a two minute news story package, unless they accept the possibility of being quoted out of context.” Wen points out the obvious that was missing from Temkin’s concern over pundits and analogies. A lack of knowledge of the historical discipline will create confusion and exclude valuable information.

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