American LGBTQ Rights Lesson Plan

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1 Leave a comment on paragraph 1 0 In the attached document, I explore a possible path to teaching the history of the American LGBTQ Rights movement as if it were focused towards a 11th Grade U.S. History class.  While the topic of LGBTQ history should not be considered controversial in the sense that human rights and their histories should not be troubling topics to view from a modern lens, there are still several state laws across the country prohibiting their discussion.  Information on these (“No Promo Homo”) laws can be found on this GLSEN page.  These laws only serve as a detriment to society, stymieing important discussion about diverse people and their cultures, and continue to oppress a minority population because a group of people refuse to consider other human beings as equals.  Although this lesson plan does not offer suggestions for countering the No Promo Homo laws, the cause for its creation emerged from a frustration that some students may never receive the opportunity to learn about the history of people very much like themselves, who have experienced similar harassments.  A conscious education in History should function to inform people of the abuses of the past so that they may be prevented or at the very least recognized, before the next round begins.  This lesson plan involves watching several online videos (including a review of news coverage from the beginnings of the Homophile Movement) and interpreting information from a journal article.  Prior to giving the lesson, teachers should take the appropriate steps to inform the class of the sensitive subject they will be covering and offer alternatives to accommodate individuals requesting a sensitive approach to the subject  – note that this lesson is intended to discuss the history of the movement and not impart a particular view of morality, though conversations of differing morals will necessarily arise due to the nature of the subject.

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3 Leave a comment on paragraph 3 0 The State Standards used to create this lesson are from New York and are detailed in the plan.

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5 Leave a comment on paragraph 5 0 As this topic is outside of my current area of study, and it has been a while since I received any training in education practices, I welcome any and all criticisms/critiques of the methods I have presented.  Rejection/threats of the LGBTQ community and their history will not be tolerated and any suggestions of the sort will be scorned.

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Project 5 - LGBTQ Rights Lesson Plan


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